Monday, November 24, 2008

CC Sweepstakes...Citibank Bailout to Make CC a Yankee?

I'm wondering if the new Citi bailout by the feds will affect the Mets ability to pay what the Yankees will pay for CC Sabathia. According to sources, the Mets may have a problem with their $400 million deal with Citibank for naming rights on the stadium, although to this point Citi is publicly stating they are honoring the agreement. One wonders how Milwaukee Brewers fans/taxpayers will enjoy helping the Mets sign Sabathia with the continued payment on the naming rights deal after the federal government bailout, and how it will look to use that money from Citibank, while Citi lays off 52,000 workers, to hire one 28 year old free agent pitcher. And we thought an AIG retreat was bad...

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