Friday, January 09, 2009

Braves Nearing Deal with Kenshin Kamakawi

The Atlanta Braves, clearing becoming a little more active after John Smoltz took the deal with the Boston Red Sox, are reportedly nearing a deal with 33 year old Kenshin Kamakawi from Japan to be a starter in their rotation. No rumors yet on the size of the deal (although original reports that the demand was in the 3 year, $30 million plus range). Previously the Mets, Orioles, Angels, Cardinals and Twins had been rumored to have been previously interested in Kamakawi's services. Kamakawi's fastball is supposed to be clocked around 92 with a nasty splitter, 2 seam fastball and curve that keeps batters off guard. He also, apparently, can handle a bat, which is definitely helpful in the National League.

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