Monday, January 05, 2009

Pat Burrell Takes Pay Cut, Signs with Tampa Bay Rays

Pat Burrell, who made nearly $14 million last year (but was not offered arbitration by the Philadelphia Phillies), took a pretty massive pay cut by signing a two year, $16 million deal with the Tampa Bay Rays. It had been expected that Burrell's locations were limited, as he was looking like a DH candidate, but he did receive more than a one year deal. This is probably a win, win...The Rays, in a division with the Red Sox and Yankees, needed an extra right handed power bat, and Burrell gets a two year deal to be a DH for a contender.

This is showing, however, the difference that free agents on the market are facing this off season. With the car makers struggling (one of the most dedicated advertisers and promotions industry for middle and smaller market teams), teams are projecting significantly less revenue and are therefore holding down the number of years and keeping their offers significantly lower as a rule. Ultimately Burrell signing for $8 million may make the Ty Wiggington's of the world think twice about asking for too much in their negotiations. Burrell is a pretty consistent bat that is well proven (and has playoff and World Series experience), and if he's taking $8 million, some of the less proven players are likely trying to get the coal out of their Christmas stockings.

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