Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ken Griffey, Jr. | A Mariner or a Brave?

Ken Griffey Jr., formerly with the Chicago White Sox after a trading deadline deal with the Cincinnati Reds, is reportedly deciding between the Atlanta Braves as his new team, or a return to the glory days in Seattle with the Mariners. There were rumors that Griffey had decided on Atlanta due to its proximity to his family in Orlando, but Griffey specifically went out on the airwaves to dispel that rumor. It seems as though Atlanta would be a great fit for Junior, as they need the OF help, but with Seattle Jr. could play a little DH and get the hero's return. Griffey, in either case, is not the sought after player he once was due to age and injury, but he still could be a productive bat in the lineup in a supporting role. Griffey is a lifetime .288 batter with 611 HR, and last season hit a combined .249 and 18 HR in almost 500 AB.

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