Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cold Stoves That Should Be Hot Stoves

This has been an interesting offseason, to be sure. With some ballclubs, like the New York Yankees spending like it is going out of style (after dumping nearly $85 million in payroll) while others like my beloved Houston Astros cutting quality mid level players to desperately try to reduce payroll to prepare for the economic collapse, it certainly has not been dull. There are, however, many free agent names that are barely getting press that should, in my opinion, have signed by now or at least had front runners/news to report. With that in mind, here is my list of "where are they now?":

1. Ben Sheets - Yes, there have been health issues,, but the guy is a #1 starter and is not that old...clearly there is a team that could use him.

2. Manny Ramirez - In a normal offseason, there would be a dozen teams looking to add his bat to their lineup, offseason problems or not. Granted, Scott Boras clients are likely out of the question for smaller market clubs, but for the Dodgers, Angels, Mets or Cubs not to sign this guy by now is pretty amazing to me.

3. Derek Lowe - There has been some scuttle here and there for Lowe, but normal offseason you would, I think, see a clear front runner with some piping hot small market clubs in the running.

4. Randy Wolf - This guy had a phenomenal second half of the season and is left handed yet he remains unsigned and was even not offered arbitration by the Astros, who really needed his services.

5. Ty Wiggington - Like Wolf, Wiggington had a great second half an actually held his own fielding at 3B in Houston last year. Granted, he's getting a raise from the bargain the Astros got him for, but it is still fairly in line with 3B salaries for a guy that can play every day.

6. Brad Penny - Yes he's been hurt and can be wild, but he's a big dude, throws hard, and has shown he can be a top of the rotation kind of guy. As far as I've heard, only the Red Sox are seriously talking to him at this point, normally there would be a dozen teams talking to him.

7. Adam Dunn - yes, the Red Sox nation started to talk about Dunn after Teixeira signed, but so far Boston has not pulled the trigger. He's another guy that was not offered arbitration, something that would probably have been unheard of last year.

8. Pat Burrell - I mean, he only was the starting OF for a World Series club with 33 HR. Granted, he's pricey if he wants to make what he did last year.

9. Brian Fuentes - 30 saves and a 2.73 ERA while pitching in Colorado. Hellllllooooo?

Anyway, check out the free agent tracker at ESPN and see for yourself. Weird year for the Hot Stove League and us at the Hot Stove Report.

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And what about Jason Giambi?