Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mark Teixeira Signing Adds Insult to Milwaukee Brewers' Injury

According to this article on, the signing by the Yankees of Mark Teixeira double screwed the Milwaukee Brewers. Not only did the Yankees take their #1 starter and free agent CC Sabathia, but the signing yesterday of Mark Teixeira, according to the antiquated system for compensation for free agent signings, also screwed the Brewers out of their #1 compensation pick.

It is an interesting read, I highly recommend it. This may push a lot of small market owners to start demanding a new free agent system. Now I know that a lot of people are angry with the New York Yankees, and I have a little of that too, it seems to me that the Yankees are largely just playing the game according to the screwed up rules set up by the collective bargaining MLBPA and the MLB owners. Obviously, any system of real revenue sharing would bring about much screaming from NY and Boston markets, who are the big winners in this system, but really many of the other markets would do well to start watching their home town teams religiously and then the advertising revenue local would increase such that free agent signings would be possible there as well. The real problem for smaller market clubs is not that they are not big towns, usually...the problem is that they do not have the passion about their teams in large enough numbers to stay competitive.

That said, the system I think should change, and I've long advocated a salary cap system like the NBA for baseball. Oh, and let Mark Cuban buy a team.

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