Thursday, December 18, 2008

Furcal signs with Dodgers, Braves Ticked

There are many reports right now that Furcal has agreed to terms with the Dodgers very similar to the deal reported worked out with the Braves, and the Braves management is very ticked at Furcal and his agent, as are many of the Braves faithful. There are mixed reports as to why Furcal chose to re-sign with the Dodgers, but suffice it to say this is not the last we've heard on this topic. Reports are that Furcal's agent and the Braves worked out a deal, and that the Braves signed the term sheet and returned it to Furcal's agent believing the deal to be done, but did not receive a countersigned term sheet from Furcal. When the Dodgers matched the offer, Furcal signed with the Dodgers. Stay tuned.

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