Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Peavy Status

The status of Jake Peavy, RHP for the San Diego Padres, is still up in the air. The difficult thing about reporting about trade rumors involving existing players under contract is that most teams are not allowed to discuss what is or is not being discussed except the team that currently has the player under contract. It is clear that the Chicago Cubs are desperately trying to find a way for a trade to work, but the more complicated a deal is, the more likely there will be something to break it apart. In this circumstance, it appears the Cubs will have to move Jason Marquis to bring in Peavy, and Marquis' contract at over $10 million will make him very hard to move. Marquis is a great #3 starter for a contender, but $10 million is just a lot to have to pay for a #3. I think Peavy will be dealt before the end of the Winter Meetings, but I suspect there are dark horses out there that will swoop in with an easier deal. Cubs are certainly the open and obvious front runner, but I think they won't close the deal ultimately since it will require a third club. We'll see.

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